I was wondering how Chrome handled it’s updates.  Turns out, Google pushes them down silently.  You get no notifications that your browser has been updated, it just happens.

Normally, I’d say this is a good thing.  I mean, from a user interface viewpoint, I shouldn’t need to control the updates, nor should I need to be notified.  The software should "just work", which includes seamless updates.  Google claims they will provide release notes at some point, so those of use who want to see what was changed can do so.  That’s assuming that Google doesn’t hide those updates. :)

There is some controversy over the latest security updates though.  Google pushed down an update, but won’t say what they updated, and they’ve sorta hidden the changes in the open-source code too.

For more on the "security fixes" issue, I suggest you read the full article at CNet.

There is a topic on the Joel on Software board (in the Business of Software) about Chrome.  Actually, there are several, but I’ve only linked one here.  It’s got some neat reviews, and some insights too.  Worth reading.  Thoughts on Chrome.