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BAND – Visual Studio Launch Event!

Come out to the July BAND gig on Tuesday, July 27 at 6 pm and enjoy THREE talks on Visual Studio 2010!

There will be pizza, soda, networking with peers and talks on how to make the best use of the development tool(s) we use daily.

  • Talk #1 will be about what’s new in building ASP.NET sites in Visual Studio.
  • Talk #2 will be about Visual Studio 2010 Extensions: how to get them, some of the cool ones, and how to update the ones you have.
  • Talk #3 will be about C# .NET 4.0 language features — lots of good new stuff there!

You will leave full of good and practical info on using Visual Studio 2010, and will likely walk away with a goodie or two! There will be GIVEAWAYS at the end, from hardware to software, and lot of other things.

So come join the fun, learn about some of the best parts of the new tools, and make it an evening with others like you!

Sign up at the Bangor Developers website.

BAND – Bangor Area .NET Developer

The next BAND meeting is scheduled for October 2nd.  That’s a Thursday.  Usually our meetings are the last Tuesday of the month, but sometimes they get moved.

This time, it’s for good reason. Chris Bowen is coming back.  And he’s talking about the XNA Game Development.

Free pizza, games development, and a bunch of geeks.  What more do you want?

Oh yeah.. if you are coming, be sure to register, so we can make sure we have enough pizza.  No need to stage any Death Matches to determine who gets the last piece of pepperoni!

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