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Progress Report #3

Report #3. I didn’t completely everything on my 2nd list.

  • I didn’t get the photos taken, or uploaded, of my LEGO creation.
  • I didn’t get started on any of the ecommerce package.
  • I never even touched the IM template I was building.

However, I did get some extra shoveling done, took a friend out to dinner, and we also had a Sunday School Soup dinner fundraiser that I was organizing and running (and I completely forgot about when I made my last list).

I also have a new work schedule, so I’m going to be headed to work 30 minutes earlier, and get out 30 minutes earlier. That should give me a bit more time in the evenings now.

  1. Work more on the CBT items I need to make.
  2. Install some games and OS updates on the kids computer.
  3. Start pulling all the receipts out of GMail for my business expenses for 2010
  4. Return my daughters broken camera for a replacement
  5. Install shelves in my office closet

Progress Report #1

OK… it’s time to get on the ball. I’m new to this, so here’s my first shot at posting my progress reports. Let’s hope I can end the year with 52 of them… ;)

This week I will:

  1. Remove my “dead” red car from the insurance
  2. contact the local Adult Ed group I often teach for, and tell them I can’t teach this year *
  3. Go to “Christmas” party for SS staff
  4. Review new household budget (following Dave Ramsey – I’m the “free thinker” in the team)
  5. Start reading The Element

* I’m getting rather busy. New job started on the 20th of Dec. Plus 1, maybe 2 contracts. Plus my internet marketing endeavors.

** Yes… many of these were copied from my wife’s Personal Progress Report #1. What can I say… we’re married… it happens.

My List for 2011, and some new projects

My wife and her sister started a new site last month. It’s official launch date, is Jan 1st, 2011.

It’s called HerRESOLUTION. It’s primarily geared towards women… but the concepts apply to everyone.

They have a Progress Program that they created… to help you pick real goals, and then to meet them.

So… I decided to post my own. I’m using the Progress Program found on the website. (I’m sort of a honorary, member (the resident Geek))

  1. Work and Business –Start 2 ECommerce stores, using the Blueprint Project, Black Edition system.
  2. Work and Business –Expand my online income to averaging $30 per day (excluding the new ECommerce stores from Item 1).
  3. Health and Fitness – Lose 3 pounds per month. I think I can do more than that, but I want to stay “realistic”.
  4. Education – Get at least one Microsoft Certification
  5. Education – Retake the “Pistol Safety Course” and get my concealed weapons permit again.
  6. Finance – Pay off all my credit cards (big step).
  7. Family – Take a good vacation… preferably on a boat or a train (the kids have been on neither).
  8. Spiritual – Start a puppet/skits ministry
  9. Home – Setup shelves and storage in my office.
  10. Fun –Buy a geek toy (iPad, iPod Touch, Nintendo 3DS, Kindle, etc)

There you go… that’s my starter list. I’ll start work on these in 2011. And I’ll try to keep my progress posted here.

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