Chris Bowen and Jim O’Neil are on the road (starting today).

I’ll be at the Augusta show, on October 3rd.  I’m definitely looking forward to the RoboLunch.

Here is the address for the Augusta show (you can find the other addresses when you register).

Riverview Psychiatric Center

250 Arsenal Drive
Sebago Room Augusta Maine 04332-0011
United States

Here are the available dates, with the link to registration:

  • Burlington, VT:  September 23rd [registration] New Venue
  • New City! Albany, NY:  September 24th [registration]
  • Rochester, NY:  September 25th [registration] New Venue
  • Augusta, ME:  October 3rd [registration] New Venue
  • Farmington, CT:  October 14th [registration]
  • Waltham, MA:  October 15th [registration]

    The Agenda:

    8:30 – Registration

    9:00 – Understanding the ADO.NET Entity Framework

    Abstraction is frequently used to create difficult-to-appreciate artwork, but when applied to software, abstractions can improve flexibility, independence, and the ability to compose higher-level concepts. ADO.NET Entity Framework, now shipping as part of Visual Studio 2008 & .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1, helps you create models of your data that enable a familiar object-oriented programming experience. Entities map flexibly to data sources while providing insulation from schema changes at the same time. LINQ makes an appearance as well, using the familiar syntax we’ve seen with LINQ to Objects, SQL, and XML to query entities. You’ve got the picture, so get out there and model some works of art!

    10:30 – Discovering Dynamic Data

    ASP.NET Dynamic Data, introduced with the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 release, breathes immediate (i.e., code-less) life into LINQ To SQL and Entity Framework data models by providing a customizable, template-driven, scaffolding framework. Put on your wizard hat, you now have dynamic power at your fingertips.

    11:15 – Exploring Internet Explorer 8

    Ahoy, developers! The release of Internet Explorer 8 is just around the bend. Of course, we’ll pull out the spyglass and take a look over the sea of new consumer features, but what does this next version mean for you as developer, and what should you do to navigate to glory? You’ll see how treasures like accelerators and web slices can be a differentiator for your company, see the new wave of compatibility features and options, and unearth the tools available for developers to make for smooth sailing on the sometimes turbulent web development waters.

    12:00 – RoboLunch

    Grab a lunch and join in as we delve into the world of robotics programming with Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio. Think robotics is mostly for manufacturing systems, toys, and those cool little floor cleaning bots? You may be surprised at how the things we cover may come to affect your professional development life! Perhaps you’ll find yourself saying, “Thank you very luncho, Mr. Roboto!”

    1:00 – UI, UX, U Confused?

    One thing not missing from Microsoft’s development offerings is a choice of options. In this session, we’ll compare and contrast the various .NET technologies available for building client experiences (Windows Forms, WPF, XBAP, ASP.NET, Silverlight, and Windows Mobile) to give you some insight in to making the best choices for reaching your applications’ target audience.

    1:45 – A RESTed Development

    REST (Representational State Transfer) is what all the cool developers are using these days to communicate among distributed resources and services.  So that you’re not left standing idly by on the sidelines, we’ll look at the rationales of the approach, why it’s cleaner than SOAP, and how Microsoft has adopted REST in technologies such as WCF and ADO.NET Data Services.

    3:15 – Befriending Unit Testing

    Unit testing could be your new best friend, and we’re here to help make the proper introductions. A practice that ultimately results in reduced overall efforts, unit testing is a focus on crafting test code that verifies your application code isn’t misbehaving. In this session, we’ll focus on what unit testing is, how it can be done, and some of the proven and effective practices you can employ to help your unit tests pay dividends over time. If Humphrey Bogart were a developer, he would have agreed, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

    4:00 – Wrapup, Giveways, and Bon Voyage!

    Information and links courtesy of Chris Bowen’s Blog.  And remember, Chris Bowen will be doing the BAND meeting on October 2nd (topic is XNA Game Studio!)