Well, I did it. I’ve installed Windows Vista. The install went pretty smooth. I had to locate drivers for my NIC and my Video Card. Both came on the Motherboard DVD, so I didn’t have any troubles there.

Windows Updates gave me a bit of a fit. I think I was trying to install too many things at once. Once I settled down on only installing updates, then installing Office 2007, and then installing my other apps, it worked fine.

Speaking of Office 2007, I’m posting the article from within Word 2007. More of a test run to see if I like it. So far, it works ok… I won’t know until I’ve had a chance to post some articles with pictures and such.

But, back to the Vista stuff. I like the theme colors. But I’m still scrambling trying to find some of the settings that I like to tweak. One item that I really like is the new search functionality. Hit the Windows key, and start typing. It may even cause me to give up SlickRun… we’ll see…

That’s all for now. I have a birthday party to go to. I’ll try and post more thoughts on Vista later.